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영어글씨체 손글씨 연필잡는법 악필만 보세요~ English handwriting Cursive lowercase

영어글씨체 손글씨 연필잡는법 악필만 보세요~ English handwriting Cursive lowercase

How to handwrite a beautiful English cursive People love to have a beautiful and correct handwriting. The way you can have as beautiful an English cursive in handwriting as this is… Handwriting is a habit. And how to hold a pen can be the start point for a good penmanship! The habitual motions of your penmanship determine the results. How to hold a pencil Step 1. Place a pencil on a table, move it rolling with your thumb, and try to put it between your forefinger and middle finger. The grip should be as light as possible, but strong enough not to let the pencil swayed between the fingers. Step 2. Lift up the pencil only with the power of your wrist and put it back on the table as lightly as possible. Here, it is important to maintain the shape of fingers and the same power of the wrist, both when you lift the pencil up and put it down. Step 3. Practice drawing curved circles lines with the power of the wrist alone A correct and beautiful handwriting comes from how you move your hand, keeping constant the shape of fingers and the power of your wrist. A beautiful English cursive can be made only when you have as strong enough wrist power as to draw circles in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

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  • 밥순이네Home cooking says:

    오~ 필기체 저도 따라 써 봐야 겠어요~^^

  • 러블린TV Lovelyn says:

    습관을 버리고 처음부터 하려니 어색하긴 하지만 이쁜 글씨를 위해 @[email protected]

  • 글씨잘쓰는법악필만보세요, says:

    귀한 시간 방무주셔서 감사해요~ 글씨잘쓰는법 좀 더 디테일하고 보다 효과적인 방법 제안드리고 싶어 시작된 영상 채널이랍니다.
    현장에서 직접 악필교정에 도전하시는 분들과 공감하고 느꼈던 일들 그리고 꼭 필요한 정보들.. 가득가득 담아 올려볼게요^^ 많은 시청바랍니다.

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