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박재범, 박지훈의 글씨체 해독에 머리를 싸매다? / Broken GPS (EP.14)

박재범, 박지훈의 글씨체 해독에 머리를 싸매다? / Broken GPS (EP.14)

You finished writing? Then let me read it aloud. So this is… uh… I wrote a lot, right? Your handwriting is… My handwriting is a piece of art. How am I supposed to read this? So, okay, I asked you to write what your fans like about you aside from your singing and dancing, your attractive points but…heh Wait, what does this – ? Should I read it? I honestly can’t- can’t Oh, this says pure(chungsoon) and sexy I can read that pure & sexy & … Cute Oh! Cute Okay, but the first line, I can’t read any of it Da – Various qualities Ohh, various qualities, ah, okay! Fans like various qualities about me Cute & pure & sexy, okay And then… Spicy…chicken feet, both, fried chicken?? (Maeun dakbal dul-da tong-dak) Huh? That’s what I’m reading here It says here: Spicy Chicken Feet Fried Chicken What’s this word here? “Mae-“? I can’t see either Right? What is it? The third line Ah! Actor (bae-woo), singer (gah-su), be both (dul-da) active (hwal-dong)! Spicy chicken feet?! Ohhh, be both actor and singer… I legit thought it said spicy chicken feet fried chicken Okay, and You like Jay Park Oh, that’s one of the things your fans like? Of course! I even did a cover performance of your “So Good” Oh, really? So, that… um, how to put this a lot of idol members do my covers at fan meetings or concerts and since we’re cousins (referring to same last name) and also have the same stylist so our stylist showed me your performance and I’m really so thankful for that stuff Because even stuff like that helps me make money Oh, really? Right? Yeah. You the best! Jihoon! Jihoon! Jaebeom!

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