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글씨잘쓰는법 연필잡는법 알면 악필탈출~글씨교정 성공한다!(자막시청)

글씨잘쓰는법 연필잡는법 알면 악필탈출~글씨교정 성공한다!(자막시청)

Scientific studies on calligraphy show that sensical understanding and constant practicing in basic line drawing alone enables anyone to have as good and beautiful a hanewriting as he or she might wish. step1
Rolla pencil on paper with your thumb and let it
placed between the forefinger and the middle finger. step2
After making a swing circle with your wrist,
place it softly on top of the desk. step3
Draw lines with the central force fixed in your wrist. Thanks in advance~

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