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??? : 고마해라… 마이 붙였다 아이가┃Husband & Wife’s Collaborative Work: Flowerpots & Flower Plants

House is filled with flowerpots In particular, flowerpots made of wood stands out the most I made them myself You made them?! Looks like you bought a complete product… I bought plywood, Cut them into pieces & shaped each piece I made them myself Each flowerpot has a different pattern! What about these ceramics…? He glued tiny wood pieces to make these ceramics Don’t think there’s only one color! There’s different color of wood pieces (Did you make this table as well…?) I glued 15,000 pieces 15,000 PIECES?! 15,000 pieces of wood are glued in a straight line Table’s pattern is exquisite as well We’re curious about one more thing… Flower plants are planted on flowerpots Production Crew/ Did you glue them too? Nope, my wife did Wife glued artificial flowers on the tree I dunno, we somehow started working together She’s like a professional tree & artificial flower artist Production Crew/ You know how to use that? They say a sparrow near a school sings the primer He demonstrates the cooperative work process Place a ruler in the plywood, draw a long line, and the rough sketch is done!! Based on the rough sketch, he cuts the plywood with a saw And cut the wood pieces with a scissor! This requires the most work He must be tired after working long hours I lose track of time When you do this? / Yes Time to shape the wood pieces! If he places the burin and hammers it, Various shapes of wood pieces are made! How many wood pieces did he make so far? When I cut 1 large plywood, that makes 10,000 wood pieces I made wood pieces out of 30 plywood So I’d say 300,000 wood pieces 300,000?! He starts decorating the flowerpot This is his handmade wood flowerpot He glues the wood pieces one by one Completed a wood flowerpot! I should start my work now He gives her a high five She glues the dead twigs After checking where she wants to put the artificial flowers, She makes holes in the twig and sticks artificial flowers on it she carefully uses the glue to make sure they stick Lastly, place the flower plant in the flowerpot Completed their collaboration piece! Why did he become interested in making flowerpots? I was working in the architecture field, so I used to buy land, build houses and sell them As I became old, I retired and gave the business to my son After that, it was boring to do nothing at all He accidently saw wood craft But it was more expensive than he thought, so he couldn’t buy it So I thought ‘I should pick up wood in the mountain and make one myself’ That’s how he started making flowerpots I had a clear vision in my mind of what I wanted to make Once I tried making it, it was pretty So I started making them one by one That’s how the house became filled with their collaborative work They both made this together, that’s what makes it so valuable Production Crew/ What would you name this piece? Shall we call it ‘partner’? Cause we both made it Let’s live like this forever, without fighting We hope to see more of your collaborative work!

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