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谢 | How to write Thank you in cursive Chinese?

hi welcome to my channel, in today’s
video, I will show you daily Chinese handwriting on the character 谢 step by
step, I will write it in regular script then following one word and one sentence. without further ado, let’s get started. 谢 xiè to thank / to apologize / family name 谢谢 xiè xie thanks now check the sentence Thank xiao xiè for me if you get a chance. 有机会替我谢谢小谢
yǒu jī huì tì wǒ xiè xiè xiǎo xiè if you get a chance 替我/ for me 谢谢 thanks 小谢: person’s name Thank xiao xiè for me if you get a chance. 有机会替我谢谢小谢 now let’s write 谢 in cursive ok, please comment any words or sentence with Chinese characters 谢, I hope you find this video helpful, support my channel please
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that’s all for today, thanks so much for watching have a wonderful day. goodbye

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