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水彩画・夢の風景画の描き方 [English Sub] Watercolor Landscape Demo-Airship in Dream – 村田收 Osamu Murata

Hello! My name is Osamu Murata. My solo exhibition in Kobe finished! Many people came to see by youtube. Thank you very much. I was able to listen to various stories and had a great time. There were so many people who watched youtube. Thank you for telling me what you think I want to make a good video little by little based on your story. Let ’s draw a new watercolor last night I had a dream of a painting Today I want to remember it as a picture, so it ’s a kind of memo. I wanted to keep the image as close as possible with watercolors instead of pencils skech. I’m starting to draw About audio, this time I’m speaking while I’m drawing with a microphone, so it has some reflections Please enjoy kind of a live movie. First I’ll paint around the lake And uh With cobalt blue A little I remembered this place There is no mountain, only a big shadow Well up to here I haven’t used the dryer yet I would like to use a dryer once around here I would like to draw an airship This is an airship There is a tail that changes direction so Light from the top right Go from the shadow I don’t want to paint too much here Around here There is a small place where people ride This is the tail What is the tail on an airship? I don’t know the name of a airship Propeller is attached here Ok.. Should I make it a little darker? Let’s darken Put warm colors in a bright place in the shadow There was a difficult place There was a tree here

As I would like to copy my dream itself, the composition is not so good as a painting. The airship I drew is a little hidden Airship Unfortunately disappeared A little failure here Don’t paint Don’t fly paint around the sky I’ll add a little shadow The brush is a little thin Will you make this tree darker This side Do I want a dark tree? what should I do? Why am I painting this brown color? I want to make it darker It ’s better to make it dark. Do you want to make it a little thicker? It ’s a little better.
I feel like that This area I would like to make a deeper color because I want to paint a little deeper. Let ’s use gouache for a moment. What is something like a house? I don’t know what it is, but can you make something that feels good? What is this? Reflection A little longer Building Do I want to add it? Make the steeple a little higher I do n’t know, but there is a little staircase There seems to be a dock I’m drawing a dream world Let’s draw freely Do you want to gouache Let’s blur A little bird There are a few points I just made a mistake so I used it Draw a bird Let’s make a lot of birds fly Big guy Are there too many birds? Is it a little bright here? Do I want to make this water a little darker? Let’s leave it I ’ll leave this area a little left out White watson is easy to lift out I ’ll draw the reflection. Because the color is lonely Permanent Rose Would like to hang A little is enough It looks beautiful for now, but it ’s a different difficult place when it ’s dry. Let’s tilt a little I want to express light by tilting I tried a little while Painted with gouache I felt this kind of detail are not natural. That part I am going to erase Yea…After all, the composition is not so good. I still want to do what I want to do I hope the color spreads boldly little by little Thin painting looks like my dream.. But.. still not good at all It feels too bright overall Is this area too bright? I need to feel a little more light Is this area too bright? Feel like grass Let’s draw with the “Sword Brush”! Let’s draw with Sword Brush It ’s really thin, but it ’s difficult to control. I hope I could buy Sword Brush in Japan Since the line of sight flows to the left, I want to stop the line of sight from flowing to the left Little by little the atmosphere came out Hmm Do I write a little building here? It ’s not that bad It ’s nice to have something Like an old castle I do n’t know. I ’ll leave it alone. And I want to shine the light here If something here is here Can I balance it? I want to feel like this Yeah, it ’s getting better. This bird is pretty good too. Would you like to make it a little close up I think it looks clear because the camera is a little up Use the pigments dots where the paint flew as birds Well On the contrary, it feels like it worked getting better I wrote a little bit to understand the tail of the airship At the building, I made it simple and just like this Isn’t the color good too? The world I saw in my dream Because the atmosphere is getting closer I can’t reproduce the dream world as it is, but it’s OK Is n’t it good? The basics are
light, shadow, and…. little fantasy Thank you very much for watching so far I really hope you are happy with watercolors See you again!!!

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