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水彩画・冬の池・水面の描き方 [English Sub] Watercolor Landscape Demo-Winter Pond – 村田收・Osamu Murata

水彩画・冬の池・水面の描き方 [English Sub]  Watercolor Landscape Demo-Winter Pond –  村田收・Osamu Murata

Hello everyone! My name is Osamu Murata. Today I want to paint a winter pond and trees The paper is Arches, 300g Well then I would like to draw a draft easily My pencil is 2B I don’t draw very strictly The pigment is Windsor & Newton. First moisten the paper with a spray Fist I put Raw Sienna to represent light color I use a calligraphy brush On top of Ultramarine Apply Olive Green I’m painting Winsor Orange and then Winsor Yellow Mix a little Permanent Rose to make it purple Well in the middle, on the other side of the big tree There is a low tree, but it is just the shadow and the darkest part The darkest part color is Burnt Sienna mixed with Ultramarine to create a dark gray color. If it ’s all blackish, it ’s not beautiful. So I put little reddish color Permanent Rose or Winsor Red
And the upper one A little thin to clean I’ll just put the red color here. Do you call it a pond? It feels like a pond like a river It ’s not a round pond, it ’s a river-like pond. Just at the border Painted the line and It’s a piece of wood I draw slowly following the reference photo I draw with a small brush The light extends from the other side toward me. The shadow extends toward me. The foreground is a pond It’s partially frozen Well, even if you look closely at the materials, it’s a little reddish Perhaps I think the leaves look like autumn leaves Emphasize that slightly reddish place I’m painting a lot of red Paint dark areas little by little Do you say this is the shadow of the tree that moved to the pond? Reflection part of reflection Then The color of the wood will be getting lighter so I’m painting again The value is important.
Getting the correct value by the reference photo Make correct value rather than the shape It is the stage of drawing value There is also a little blue here, so I put blue I scattered a little red So it was still wet, so I took off a little paint with tissue paper and let it dry Gradient can be easily done by rubbing with a little finger after painting I’m drawing more and more details The other side, then It ’s a thin branch The thinnest branch I take the shape carefully looking at the material photo There is no need to draw all branches in detail Well, this is the point. In this picture, the tree branch in the middle I’m politely drawing good and now represents the light in gouache I’ve blown the paint, and I’m blurring by spraying This is the front of the ground, not the pond A slightly reddish warm color Painted If you add red, it will be warm and happy. While wetting with spray several times put the paint Since the surface of the water is interesting, I will try to draw it relatively carefully this time. The paper is rough, so when you move the brush speedy Just a rough texture of paper will make a nice icy texture This area is also very thin in the material photo You may think it’s difficult Draw faithfully in the material photo These ripples will look like that In that sea, the waves are also complicated and difficult, but make it a little simpler If you draw slowly following the material photo It looks like difficult, but that I don’t think it’s technically difficult I’m writing a reflection of a tree The water surface I think the freezing water surface has come out Well unlike the summer pond, at the beginning of winter Because it will be a cold and cold scenery, such expressions on the water surface The surface that is getting frozen is pretty interesting I think that is the point I’m drawing small details little by little Look at the whole slowly and slowly so as not to make it too dark Let’s draw a branch here Then this is done! Thank you for watching so far Then please be happy with watercolor See you again

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    Love your watercolor paintings. Thank You for the subtitles.

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