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水彩画・ミント色のドア・風景の描き方 Watercolor Landscape Demo-Mint Door – English Sub-村田收

水彩画・ミント色のドア・風景の描き方  Watercolor Landscape Demo-Mint Door – English Sub-村田收

Hi everyone, I’m Osamu Murata. Today I’d like to draw Kitanozaka in Kobe Here is the reference photo, but the tree has been pruned, so in the picture, I will add the leaves properly I want to make a picture with a lot of leaves with the sunbeams. The interesting part of this landscape is on the left The design of the building of the restaurant is amazing I think it ’s attractive, especially the peppermint doors and windows. I would like to paint them carefully. Then well There are many things that are attractive, such as streetlights. Take my time and relax I’m going to paint them Then I will start The paper is Arches 300g with a 2 B pencil I will draw slowly I would like to draw with a light touch holding the end of the pencil. Just decide the place of the elements roughly Let’s color it. The paint to use is Winsor & Newton. The main brush is a calligraphy brush with Kolinsky hair This time I use a different color I want to use a peppermint color called wiht Cobalt Turquoise. I think This time it didn’t wet the whole paper before painting I am not going to paint on paint so much, it ’s a city landscape, unlike clouds and ocean paintings. I’m going to put a color with a thick brush while watching the situation The sky is cold-colored It’s a warm color with the building With a small spray on the left Moistened with water As depending on the amount of water, I have about 3 types: small, medium, large spry bottles This time I damp a little bit of water with the smallest spray bottle The color of peppermint that I’m painting is Cobalt Turquoise. It’s in the middle of the bottom of the palette. I sometimes use this color And this area is still drawn At the road in front I often use cold “Cobalt Blue” The building is a warm color The sky and foreground are cold-color That is my style It ’s just an undercoat so you can feel the light here and there. Like Orange and Yellow I also paint color like Permanent Rose Many different colors have been scattered, I did this many times before And especially the row of trees in the middle Although it is not in the document photo, the leaves are cut off in the document photo. I would like to put leaves with autumns color I’m going to create and attach leaves Colors are placed in large, bright and dark places It ’s a leaf, so it ’s scattered. This way is also used when painting other trees, so how to draw trees If you are interested, please check out the other videos which I uploaded before. It ’s dried once. I put some salt before it ’s dried. I ’m drawing streetlights in freehand, so I ’ll make corrections later. At first, I will draw more and more freehand outline fore the small building, In some cases, this line will remain, Sometimes I put another color on the line and you may not see them at the final picture The windows are still in line at this stage That way Probably If you apply a little more, this line is likely to disappear In the shadow Because it will also become thin when dried I’ll be painting later again Well I have n’t decided so tightly at this stage I’m painting small parts I applied Cobalt Turquoise, which I introduced earlier, for the second time. The too precise draft line will make my work like architect picture It will make no energy, no lively The vague draft lines are good Little by little, I will correct the shape That’s my way of painting. Same as the figures. This is not final stage. Because it has become thinner, I paint again Use a thick brush to make this area. it looks like calligraphy way. I think painting the window frames is difficult. If you do too roughly, the shape is going to collapse. I’m drawing a signboard And then I’m drawing like a chair next to it I am working to match the overall brightness to the document photo The left side is dark because it is a shadow I have been drawn some details in some places Painting small areas, then large areas again. The building on the right background is ging to be a little thinner I’m drawing If these places are simplified and drawn as a lump, I think it will be effective. For bright areas, leave them white, and apply only black spots in a lump. The color is not the same color Someplace the blue stronger, and then someplace the orange So it will be an attractive It ’s like a window. It ’s like a glass window. Like an antenna Mixing gouache with watercolor paint makes it opaque Now I ’m mixing Cobalt Turquoise with white gouache Correcting the shapes I accented the leaves with the same mint color The leaves of the tree are my creation. The light is coming from the top right to the bottom left. So I’m making darker at the left bottom area. I’m mixing many colors such as red, blue, orange… I try to get a dreamy color White Gouache was used to express light Flag like this. I always think it ’s really attractive. I want to paint them with joy. There is a blue flag on the other side I rubbed it with a finger to make some gradation. I’m going to paint the small parts of the wall. I’m going to paint the lumps, so I put the pencil markings I express light with yellow gouache I have been painting lots of details, such as streetlights and doors. I’m splattering gouache dots for the light Finished This time I was able to paint the fine details with lots of joy Let’s take a look at the reference photo again. And this painting Here is a little announcement My solo exhibition will be held in Kobe in this November For details, please read description Paint watercolor and be happy!!! See you again!

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  • 奥藤雅子 says:


  • Dawn Fisher says:

    I love your use of colour.

  • Ma. Chona Mendoza says:

    Very vibrant!

  • Dhong Mannaidham says:

    I love your style trees
    light and shadow

  • Mミッキー says:

    空と木の色が重なり合う空気感がなんとも言えず美しいですね。塩の効果 ガッシュの白の効果で風景がとても引き立っています。
    来年 銀座で個展を開催するのですね。是非 行きたいと思っています。

  • 랑랑갤러리 says:

    이렇게 자유롭게 색을 구사할수 있다는게 놀라워요🙊👍🏻

  • Anne Vanderwoude says:

    Very beautiful!

  • Sherry Spencer says:

    Thank you! Lovely work as expected. So pretty. I love your paintings! They just sparkle. 🙂

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  • Ginger Buchanan says:

    Love your world!

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  • Luna Smith Art says:

    Beautiful landscape painting ❤️ Wonderful technique 😊 Have a nice day and stay connected 🙂

  • Janaki Perera says:

    Learnt so much from your painting. It is fabulous. You have brought to life a dull landscape. Wish I can be there for your exhibition. I am from Sri Lanaka. All the best.

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