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干 | How to write Chinese language step by step?

干 | How to write Chinese language step by step?

Hi welcome to my channel in today’s video, follow me to write: 干 gàn,gān it’s a polyphone first in block letter 干 gàn,gān how do I write it in daily life? check it out 干 gàn,gān basically, you can write it in a number 2 or English letter Z following a number 1 however, here are some similar-looking characters please pay attention to the differences first one qian 千 thousand shi 十 ten tu 土 soil when it used as 干 gān it means dry / clean eg: 干旱 gān hàn drought / dry 干净 gān jìng clean as 干 gàn means to work / to do / to manage here are some examples 干活 work 干劲 gàn jìn enthusiasm for doing sth now check this sentence I can work from home now. 现在我可以在家干活. what are you going to do today? 你今天干什么去? let me know in the comment I hope you find this video helpful support my channel, please don’t forget to sub, click the bell, like and help me share this video, ok, that’s all for today, thanks so much for watching. have a wonderful day, goodbye.

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