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【REVIEW 】 Huion HS610 | เมาส์ปากกาGOD!! ใช้กับมือถือได้ คุ้มเกินราคา!!!❤️

【REVIEW 】 Huion HS610 | เมาส์ปากกาGOD!! ใช้กับมือถือได้ คุ้มเกินราคา!!!❤️

Hi everyone It’s ChaAYM Heh! how about you guys? have a good day?and I’m Fineeeeeeeeeeeeee Ok, today I didn’t do speedpaint or tutorial about drawing but today I’ll review the new tablet from HUION YAYY!!! what are you waiting for Let’s go!! First, I’m gonna unboxing package📦 about package I think it have a little weight nah medium or ilttle but for everyone I think It didn’t heavy for you because I sooo weak and that make me feel so heavy It’s come out! what a beatiful box❤️ ❤️❤️ I love it❤️❤️ Let’s do this! WOW Oh! take a card! the tablet that I got is HS610💗 Let’s see it together! I’m feel thankful for HUION a lot💕 1. I got Micro USB cable It’s use for tablet to connect 2. It’s a battery free pen Oh HOO!! I like it because It’s soo comfortable for my hand I LIKE IT❤️ 3. Pen holder but it didn’t use only for hold pen It’s keep a replacement Nibs for 8 ! 4.OTG adapter 5. At least My prince EVER💛💛 It’s a tablet ! seriously, It’s very BIG How Beatiful !! and very smooth and slim compare with my hand Ohh , It’s very big and width I can play football on it! (kidding) And disk Jaaaa!!💗 It’s gonna be like this I compare with my old tablet you’ll see a scratch Ok, everyone this is all items in a package📦 for now I want to thank you Huion for good supporting for me and I want to sorry to you If I speak too ambiguously Next I gonna use it Let’s go yay! I’m here. Let’s see HS610’s ability together About size. It’s like what I had speak before It’s width , smooth and slim very perfect for me but we’re gonna tell about pen first Pen is long and have a nice design like a normal pen and that make me feel very comfortable let’s see inside program Ok.Here’s Paint tool sai about line It’s gonna be like this It’s Nice! It’s very shape and smooth feel free when drawing, and haven’t problems But I’m not accustomed to it becasue I always use a small tablet that make me confuse Oh, I’m forgot it!! before when you use this tablet you must dowload driver before You can dowload this on Huion’s website I’ll leave link on description I know you guys always forgot it and yeah me too LOL ok This is a menu of driver It can set your short button It’s up to you to set this buttons But I didn’t set it before because I’m lazy and this is for pen you can set buttons like before I had telling you and you can change name key and locks program but it take only 2 and this is a touch screen setting you can command your size that you want big or small whatever Ok , when you set it all please press this buttton when you cilck it your setting will be use first time I feel confuse with this but It works wtf Yay yay!! How about it seriously, first time I have seen it that make me fidget that’s good things I have got uh– I forgot HS610 it can use in your phone too But can use with andriod only can’t use on IOS Got that Okay , after here I have a Speedpaint for you guys That such a long time I have SP on phone and PC Let’s on PC first! I make this speedpaint because I want to test a tablet ;o; After here I won’t talk anymore ENJOY with speedpaint! this pic I have draw for my mom Finish💗!! How about it??? Ha I think I have mistake some time on this pic But all of that I think It’s very good because when I draw It’s very smoothhhh💗 Let’s watch on phone at Next Ok, phone here! the program that I have use is ibispaint who follow me on youtube will know that I was use ibispaint Ans at least I have change to Sai we can’t connect it without OTG adapter like this we have 2 for gift with small and big adapter um..This 2 size is different If your phone can put on it just use it Easy! But wait! Before used it you must turn on OTG first 1.turn on your phone setting and get it ”setting more” you’ll see ” OTG ” just open it TADAA!! a cursor will appear that mean It really for use now! Let’s see Speedpaint on phone! Ok It’s finish now uhhhh seriously I wasn’t expert in ibispaint anymore Dizzy @ – @ I didn’t use this program too long Not accustomed and I have never use pen on my phone T o T But I try my best now have a little mistake but this pen is very GOOD!! because It’s make your screen isn’t LAG anymore That I was draw all IT IT VERY VERY GOOD No lag like when I draw on my fingers That make me LOVE IT❤️ How about it guys? For HS610❤️ For me, I really Like it❤️❤️ It’s have many positive things on it⭐️ yeah… I like it Yeah..LOVE!! appearance,shape,ability It’s all good!! texture when I draw sooo smooth on twice but in phone have a little problem when controll a brush Umm I think because brush I didn’t use ibis for long what kind of brush in that whatever, If you interest this tablet you can buy it on Huion website or on description link be worth Before I left I’ll take all (oldddd) fanart for at the end and I want to thank you for more Ok , thank you for watch this video It’s my first time to do reviewing I’m sorry if It isn’t good enough and my problem to speak I had never make kind of VDO like this Thank you for Huion and everyone for watch ChaAYMTH I’m shy Thank a lot and thank you for sent Fanart❤️ I LOVE it ALL❤️❤️ Bye Bye💖 don’t worry about speedpaint I have stroge it!

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