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✅ Curso de lettering – Lección 1: Diferencias entre caligrafía y lettering

✅ Curso de lettering – Lección 1: Diferencias entre caligrafía y lettering

Hello everybody and welcome to this online course of lettering offered by The first step of this course is to learn the differences between callygraphy and lettering because there is a lot of confusion on social networks like Youtube. To begin with, calligraphy is the art of writing words and letters with some harmony and proportionality and in the end, beautifully, beacause of its harmony and they keep the proportionality, etcetera. We can do calligraphy with a lot of tools, like this brush pen Koi (Sakura) or the typical Tombow or maybe this Edding wich is a brush pen too or even this Ecoline brush pen or anyone you like but calligraphy can also be done with any kind of nibs, Pilot Parallel pen or with a pice of wood if you want Actually, calligraphy can be done with any tool because the matter is writing. So, we are going to show you and example of callygraphy using Koi Coloring Brush Pen As you can see in other tutorials of calligraphy that we have in this channel of calligraphy and lettering this kind of calligraphy, brush script, has the particular feature of that the high lines are thin and the lower ones are thick Alright? So… thin upwards, thick downwards you can make this ligatures again, thin upwards, thick downwards We stop here upwards… downwards… Going downwards thick, we stop, going upwards thin Going downwards thick, we stop, going upwards thin Going downwards thick, going upwards thin Going downwards thick going upwards thin We try to make the same height thin thick thin thick In anothe courses or tutorials They will thell you that this is lettering but not. Is calligraphy made with a brush pen marker and It’s not lettering. Why? Because we have just done it writing We have done it writing in one run, without a second chance If we want to retouch this we have the chance of making it with the same pen or with another one, but, then, we will be doing lettering because we will be retouching its shape. We will be drawing them. For example: this “c”, maybe, it’s not perfect, so I’m going to retouch it. As you can see I’ve retouched some things Some of them are painted, another are drawn, so we are, now, making lettering. That is the main difference between them I repeat: in lettering, you draw letters instead writing them Although, sometimes we begin on something written, like we are going to see now We are going to make a little piece of lettering using an Ecoline brush pen in blue in this case. At this moment I still doing calligraphy, brush script, made with a brush pen. But, now, I’ll apply lettering techniques, for example create a gradient, At this moment that I’m creating this gradient. I’m drawing over the letters This draw can be considered lettering, because I’ve already stoped writing I’ve left calligraphy I’ve left the art of writing to enter in the art of drawing and painting They are different. It’s not bad they are different disciplines and each one is used for a different things. Lettering, maybe, is more decorative. Its maybe more beautiful While calligraphy is more elegant. It’s a finer work, where the important thing is the tool you use, and the art that you can reach. This gradient can be left here, or you can use some water to make this gradient to make it softer, less agressive and, definetely, more beautiful. Another thing you can use in lettering and that in calligraphy don’t is the shadow effect. It is so beautiful and It can be done inner or outer the letter. I’m going to make it outer them You can make a lot of effects. Maybe you’ve already seen Some people make things like this. Giving them effects or you can underlin them. That is just a type of letter of lettering. There are other that doen’t have a writing base, they have a base by blocks. We are going to see it next videos, but I’m going to give you a little quick sample of a font that can be used in a lot of lettering art you can see. on Instagram and other social networks. It’s a style with serif And some of its strokes are doubled It’s an style with serifs, I mean It’s like roman style wich we’re going to see on next videos, but today i want to show you in advance, because this is lettering and it has a lot of differences with calligraphy, because as you can see I’m writing some part of the letter I’m adding them serifs… This is writing, because I’m making a “T” when I doble the stroke it’s lettering. It’s so easy, relaxing If some thing is not correct, I repeat it without any problem… I’m writting an “E” now… It’s very relaxing. Sometimes you are so focused on make it beautiful, that we forget about what we are writing. It’s important to write well, without spelling mistakes And writing all the need letters. It’s very common in lettering, that you forget to write a letter, because you’re focused on make it beautiful. I make the “I” stroke double. I make double the stroke of the “N” With its serifs And now, the “G” wich is doubled here… We now know the differences between calligraphy and lettering. Calligraphy is write beautiful, and lettering consists on draw letters I hope you like this video I hope you see next video and that you’ll subscribe and thumbs up if you like it! Stay tuned, because we’re going to upload more videos wich you be able to learn a lot of things. Thank you.

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