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ليش بالانجليزي+ كيف طورت من لغتي الانجليزية؟ A video in Arabic + Eng subs

ليش بالانجليزي+ كيف طورت من لغتي الانجليزية؟  A video in Arabic + Eng subs

I’m going to shoot a video, that I’ve being wanting to shoot for a while now. In short, I’m going to set the camera on the tripod. And then I’m going to start filming but everything around me is beautiful, which is distracting me from filming I didn’t plan out the video I’ve been meaning to plan it out for 3 days now, umm like plan out the main points and write down the bullet points. but I’ve decided to not plan it out and just say what’s on my mind, to make it more genuine. cause ummm Don’t know what’s right or wrong ,but that’s what I’ve decided. for the video to be casual so yeah, I’m going to go set like normal humans and put the camera on the tripod and start filming hey, my name is Raoum this video is for my subscribers so I think you’ve known my name by now the most asked question to me would be why don’t you speak arabic in your videos? why are most of your videos in English? I have many answers for this question and I have many reasons but first of all, I want to clarify it’s not because that I’m not proud of my arabic culture not because I’m not an arab I know I look Indian, I don’t know why but let’s get that over with umm that’s one of the reasons but pause that point, I’ll talk about it later the first point would be okay wait a minute I want to clarify that I really really like our arabic culture and I really like the arabic language I adore arabic I admit that my arabic isn’t that good and I’ve trying to improve it the reason my video are in English by the way, it was a very hard decision for me to take. but it was the right decision for me so “why are your video are in English even though unlike arabs, non arabs have umm already a lot of information and videos about veganisim, yoga and overall what you offer in your channel and it’s all in English” but I’m not trying to only target westerns to not only target westerns but to target all people in general for example there are a lot of my subscribers whom are Indians, korean, Japanese umm Russian, American and of course a lot of Saudis from all over the world so that’s what I like from when I was a child, I’ve always to know different people from different cultures from all around the world so the English language helps a lot cause it’s an international language and it makes people more open to meet different people and understand different cultures and I believe that when a country is openminded about different cultures and all citizens are open to knowing about different cultures it will help for it to be umm how can I say it world peace most of the bad things that happen in this world countries can’t understand each other countries don’t try to understand other countries’ point of view each country thinks that they are superior to the others and they are right and the others are wrong and terrorists and sadly Saudi Arabia if you didn’t know that already are terrorists in the eye of others. which is sad to hear and we can’t blame people for their bad judgments about us we can’t blame people for taking the wrong idea about us and we are (Saudis) in our little own world and we don’t try to let them see our beautiful culture and know more about us we don’t explain to the world different yet amazing culture and explain our beautiful religion that is shown wrong in the media put all things aside but we don’t speak out our opinion and talk to the world or do umm I don’t know, there is no tourism in Saudi thank god, all this is changing but there isn’t enough contact or communication between saudis and the rest of the world so that’s why, sadly there is a misconception about Saudis and saudi arabia in general, but thank god our bad picture is slowly changing and that’s the reason why my videos are in English cause I want to show the world that Saudi Arabia is not like what you see in the media we are not terrorists and close minded and show that no, our culture is beautiful and show our beautiful manners and habits that has reasons and I know people will ask why don’t you speak arabic and add English subtitles I thought about it but there is something you might haven’t noticed Foreigns, especially those who only speak English they are not used reading subtitles not everyone but a large amount when arabs Especially Saudi, not sure about other countries we are very used to reading subtitles from watching Indian movies ,Korean tv shows Turkish and American tv shows and another thing I wanted to talk about in this video It is very very important to learn English, not because of America or Britin if you know English, you can learn anything in this world even if you want to learn Korean if you know English, it would be so much easier for you to learn Korean cause, it’s so much easier to find someone who speaks Korean and English to teach you rather than someone who can speak with arabic and Korean that’s my point, if you know English you can learn anything in the world, basically. so I know, especially my generation and the generation before me English wasn’t that important in schools sometimes our English teachers wouldn’t be that good or he was a teenager and wasn’t excited to learn English, but realized how important it is when he got older there’s solutions and I also got a lot of questions about how I improved my English accent and how I speak like a native I’ll answer you, and it isn’t because I studied in America a lot of Saudi studied in the US yet the don’t speak like a native or have an American accent so how did I have a native accent? when I was in American, the first 3 years I didn’t make any arab friends and even all the are arabs in my college though I was Indian so that helped a lot, for me to stop talking arabic not because I dislike arabs it’s because, I went to America and left my family, to learn and learn about their different culture and adopt their language and to take the habit and manners that I like about Americans and not take the things I disliked and again I didn’t leave my family and friends to make arab friends even though it was hard and a huge change, so the easiest thing to do would be going to find saudi friends or arabs for it to be easier and everything, but this would not make you learn English it would not force you to speak English 24/7 to the point you’ll start thinking and dreaming English so your tongue will get used to it so not everyone has the option to go and study abroad so there’s an app or website which is called Cambly, so this app will let you speak and communicate with native English speakers some from America and some from Australia some from South Africa and Britain and so you pick the accent that you would like to improve and the video are straight forward, clear and good quality 24/7 24/7 whenever you are free and you want to learn you open the app form your phone or the website from your laptop and you start speaking and most importantly if you want to learn a new language it’s very important to use it in your daily life, cause it will train your brain to think and dream in that language find the words easy and your tongue will also get used to it so this app would be perfect to learn cause their job is to listen to you and correct you and you can adjust everything to your likings so the second reason why my videos are in English and the more personal reason umm okay, it’s more personal and I don’t know if I want to say it or not either way I’ll say it weither I want to say it or not. I’ll say it maybe some of you have noticed. I’m more comfortable speaking English I know how to describe my emotions more in English because a lot of the content I see, watch, and read is in english and I still have a lot of foreign friends and my sisters and little brother just came back from America so they still talk in English most of the time, but little by little we are trying to let them use arabic and improve their arabic so this question was asked a lot, which was “why do we speak English in the house” and especially my mother arabic and English are both equally important for her and want to improve my siblings’ arabic my arabic spelling in very bad, since I was a child and like how many Saudi have bad English teachers in my case, my arabic teacher wasn’t that good and I remember when I started recalling why is my arabic bad? and I’m very sad about it and I’m trying to improve it one if the things I recalled, when I was in high school one of the 2 years, cause senior year I studied in America we didn’t have an arabic teacher for a couple of months so, that’s one of the reasons and I think arabic wasn’t that strong I feel like the arabic books in my days didn’t teach us how to write that well and umm I don’t know I don’t want to start this discussion last point, I know there is a lot off content in English that is similar to my content but once again, not to brag my content is very different is a lot of English content is about yoga, veganisim and zero waste and I received a lot of comments that say that my content is very different a lot of the recipes we see online that is in English are kind of similar and some don’t add a lot of spices and seasoning and there is no vegan arab that is a youtuber or famous I think cause I don’t know any vegan arab youtubers and I still don’t know a lot about youtube ,but I don’t know any worldwide popular vegan arab and that’s whom I want to be to improve arab’s imagine to share our amazing food to the world and umm a lot of western have visited Saudi Arabia or visited an arab country and a friend or a relative of theirs would say “are you crazy? why would you go there?” cause they think it is not safe especially for women but they got this wrong, cause Saudi Arabia is maybe one of the safest places that a girl might travel too so that’s what I want to prove to the world to support world peace I know a lot think that these things might not change a thing, but to me I think it does umm what else, so my content the easiest example would be that I use a lot of seasoning in my recipes most non arab recipes don’t use any spices or maybe a little cause their cultural food don’t have that many spices so a lot vegans from India and pakistan or from any country or even there is arab that don’t speak arabic and so on they see these recipes and think oh I can never be a vegan, there is no flavor cause they are used to seasoning and flavors and that’s what I want to prove to all the cultures that are similar to ours that no you can be vegan and taste different flavor you don’t have to eat plain potatoes anyways I hope you understood my points.. I tried so these are my points and ummm but I can’t explain how important the English language enough it will open so many doors and wether you like it or not most companies in saudi are stitching to English umm the media cause now the world is all connect and everything is becoming international that’s why you must adopt the language and there is a rumor that is when you are old you can’t learn anything new no, no matter how old you are, you can learn anything new so never think it’s too late wether you want to learn English or any other language. you can do it. I’ve been learning Spanish and thank god I’ve bending well yesterday I was watching a series is Spanish, and I understood 60 percent of the conversations and I was so happy about it. the best feeling is when you understand another language but this part, when you want to have the confidence to speak in that language is the hardest part but always remember the person you’re talking too don’t care about your accent or if you know the language or not it’s all in your head, cause they actually happy cause someone is learning their language or even trying to learn a new language that is very different than yours so that’s it I hope you understood my points ans I hope no one misunderstood me there are many little reasons from my personality and how it is split into 2 and how I’m comfortable in the middle I don’t want to talk about it I feel like I’ll get judged in the wrong way so lastly la Ella ella Allah (she forgot) even the camera thinks it’s enough filming for the day last thing `I want to say I’m thinking and I want to start a new channel in arabic but I’m afraid of the stress that will come from having 2 channels, cause now I only have one channel and I think I’m going crazy but if you all want and you think it’s better for me I really want but I’m afraid especially that I have one video which is in arabic that has very low views so I think that’s why I’m afraid. that’s it. Thank you have a nice day

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    أول مره نشوف قناتك حبيتك بجد …بجد مش ضروري تعملي قناة تانية فكي تنزلي بالعربي مره ومره بالانجليزي بس وبنسبة لوصفاتك يكفي أن تترجمي اسماء البهارات فقط???? نحبك
    لو ممكن تقبلي صداقتي تقوليلي حسابك ابعتلك طلب صداقة ع فيس بوك حابة نتعلم منك شخصيا الانجليزي لأنها لغتي المفضلة نعرف كثير كلمات بس لهلا مش بلبل فيها بس نتمنى نكون هكي وشكرا…واسفة ع الإطالة??

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  • Hajira Ayoub says:

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  • Mustafa Mohammed says:

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    Thot I'd drop a comment in– You know when you're homesick for traveling…getting through an airport or all set up in an awesome hotel Room about to head out to look for something good to eat…. I've been binge watching all my favorite sukari episodes and I'm actually up feeling much better!

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    Good Arabic listening practice, for me. Shukran…،ممارسة الاستماع العربية جيدة

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    طيب عمرك شفتي أجنبي ينزل مقطع (بالعربي) عشان تتحسن نظرتنا لهم؟
    أم أن القضية منا قضية ضعف لا أكثر
    الابتعاد عن أوامر الشرع ومجاراة الغرب في كل صغيرة وكبيرة
    هو اللي يسبب الهزيمة النفسية للأسف!
    فإذا انتوا ما احترمتوا لغتكم وهويتكم وقبل ذلك كله (دينكم) وتعاليمه مثل الحجاب والستر
    فكيف تبغون بقية الأمم تحترمكم؟

    واذا عن توصيل الرساله للغرب وتحسين نظرتهم لنا
    فهذا يكون بالتمسك بتعاليم الاسلام والتزام الحجاب الذي أمرنا الله تعالى به
    فهنا فعلًا ندعوهم لاعتناق الدين الاسلامي هنا تتحسن النظرة، ونكون بعد الله سبب في هدايتهم،
    أما إننا ندعيهم ونحسن نظرتهم لنا عن طريق (إذابة هويتنا، والابتعاد عن ديننا ثم لغتنا العربية)
    فهنا راح تكون نظرتهم لنا نظرة احتقار وتهميش
    لأن اللي ما يفرض احترامه على الآخرين بتمسكه بمبادئه وقيمه، فلا يتوقع من أحد إنه يحترمه،
    وبالتالي تنشأ الهزيمة النفسية عند كثير من الناس للأسف

    فأعيدوا تصحيح المفاهيم فضلًا
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    الإسلام (هويتنا)، والعربية (لغتنا)، والحمدلله?.

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    Thankyou so much for posting the video with English subs ??Appreciate it

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    كيف قدرتي تكوني صداقات مع الاجانب هل كان بسهولة او لا
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  • gabrielle's world says:

    I've been learning arabic. Lately i have been understanding a few words in your videos. You told your brother to get in the car and I understood, and I hear the word for milk. jalib soya lol. soy milk. I heard Aziz say that in his video. I have been inspired by your determination and success learning english. I've always loved Arabic. Ever since I was in the army. I was stationed in Kuwait and Iraq. I cried when I left Kuwait. I loved it there so much. But yes, you have shown me that I can eat whole foods, and you have shown me that I can learn a new language. Thanks Raoum <3

  • Hiam Al says:

    لا تتفلسفين وانتي كل حياتك ب امريكا وعندك فرصه تدرسين هناك وعشان كذا تعلمتي اسرع ولا كان حالك حالنا

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  • Ab says:


  • F.L Abdullah says:

    للاسف ان دا الشي يقهرني ادري انك مفتخره باصلك بعربيه ولو تكلمتي لغه ثانيه مو يعني تقللي من اصلك والخ بس لين متى ؟ لو فضلنا نحط الانجلش لغة الام حنطمس كل لغات العالم وبالعكس الدول اللي تفتخر بلغتها وماتتكلم الا فيها بلدان رائعه جداً لاانتا تحاول تعلم الناس لغتها يعني تركيا ع سبيل المثال اذا تبا تدرس فيها يعلمونك لغتهم كل ماطمسنا لغتنا بحجة انا الانجلش لغة الام حتختفي بيوم ما وحنصير نتواصل مع بعض بالانجلش بس دي وجهة نظري .. وبالعكس علمي الاجانب لغتنا حببيهم فيها اتكلمي فيها وحطي الترجمة تحت بغض النظر عن انهم متعودين او لا .. يعني كثير فيديوهات بلغات ثانيه فيها ترجمة في افلام فرنسية وعربية ومن بلدان ثانيه معروفه وعادي يحطو فيها ترجمة فماحسو شي صراحه .. وبس ?

  • Na j says:

    شكرا لك

  • Rana saad says:

    في نور ستارز مشهوره كتير

  • Vacío says:

    خليكي بذي القناه وبالعكس بعض الناس كمان نتعود على اللغة الانجليزيه اكثر اذا مقاطعك لغتها انجليزي وبالتوفيق لك دايم وانا اتابعك واحب قناتك كثير والحمدلله انا نباتيه منك فتحتيني على اشياء كثير حلوة شكراً لك ولأي شخص ينشر هالاشياء المفيدة ?? .

  • Ddevil _36 says:

  • Rama 11:11 says:

    انا ولدت بسعودية وانا مو سعودية بس الصراحة مين ما بقله اني مواليد السعودية بيتطلع فيني نظرة غريبة كأني كفرت ??

  • Ibrhaim Alabidi says:

    "ادري شكلي هندي "
    ههههههههههههههههههههه ، ربي يسعدكك واستمري ياشيييخه ❤️❤️

  • دانه الدوسري says:

    انتي منوين

  • Abeer says:

    بالعكس حلو انا أتابعك علشان أتعلم انجليزي واتطور فيه

  • Shahadx B says:

    بالعكس استمري مرا قناتك حلوه وصدق نستفيد منك بتطوير نفسنا بالانقلش♥️??

  • Mب عن ٧ ٥ ي غ تد فقد لى و ٥ او دبزدة عدن م ا Ham says:

    Please can you mack recipe for the dry yeast?

  • Mب عن ٧ ٥ ي غ تد فقد لى و ٥ او دبزدة عدن م ا Ham says:

    لو سمحتي ممكن اتسوي طريقة الخميره بالبيت

  • Good Girl says:

    حفي شنبك

  • Good Girl says:

    السعوديه تاااج راسك باين عرقك القذر يا قذره للحين بوجهك الهندي اللي الغرب يحتقروا ملامحك ولونك تبين تغيرييين نظرتهم بمقاااطع تافههه مكررره؟ امثااالك يبدأ ممحل ما وقف الاخرووون وخلصوا وع بالها سفيره النوايا وهي تحتقر بلدها تفوووو ع وجهك يا ام فسيه

  • Good Girl says:

    السعوديه مين قال منغلقييين؟؟؟؟ بعثااات في الملايين ولا لازم تكوني مطيييه وحمار يركبوك حتى تكوني منفتحه؟؟ هذه مشكلتهم الجهل مو مشكلتنا احنا وياليت تتكلمي ب اسمك يا ام شنب لعن الله هالوجه الغضيييب

  • Good Girl says:

    تقولي تنشري الثقافه السعوديه مع ان اليابان وكوريا وحتى أمريكا نشروا حالهم من غير ماتتكلم بلغه غير،،،، تقولي تنشري الثقافه وانا لا اشوف فيك شي يمت للعرب لا اسلوب حياه ولا ثقافه جالسه تعيشي حياه الأجانب هههههههه هم مايبوا احد يقلدهم لان اليوتبير الأجانب مليانييين ومحتاااوهم افضل منك انتي مممله وكلامك بطيء وماتعرفي تتكلمي بارده

  • Malak abdullah says:

    احس ما يحتاج عربي نفهم وش تقولين سهل!

  • maha algazlan says:

    Just to make a point,yes we do blame ones who throw racist remarks just for the sake of them not liking what the religion and the people believe in.And mocking the culture.No one should mock anyone based on their religion culture and beliefs.It’s their choice and their choice only.Instead,they should educate themselves.

  • maha algazlan says:

    Regarding the tourism issue,yes I get what you mean and the country should be developing etc.However,tourism will never be as successful due to people not liking the kingdom and are just hateful.There’s so much negativity and stigma surrounding our country,let alone the close minded and ignorant people out there who believe the news.Sadly,to tell you that they could twist your Channel into only you who’s from the upper class and is open minded.They think that women who wear veils or hijabs are forced to.They don’t respect the religion nor culture which will have them avoid Saudi.Tourism shouldn’t be the main focus right now and entertainment there are more concerning matters like laws improving and rights.

  • maha algazlan says:

    Also about the English language yes you should be educated and learn all languages however,they should too.The Arabic language involves all letters,dialects etc.Therefore,makes it easier to learn a language,hence why we have the hardest language.

  • لوتا says:

    ياربي كلامها سلام وتعطي طاقه ايجابيه وخلتني اكثر اطور الانقلش اكثر لكنتها في الكلام وطريقة الكلام حقها تخليني اكثر اتعمق ب الانجليزي وانا من وجهة نظري انو تكلم ب الانقلش احس افضل وتعبر عن شخصيتها اكثر ??.

  • Nojoom Alabdullh says:

    لا خلينا على الانقلش احسن احس مايفرق وبعدين لك اجر في ناس ماتعرف انقلش فنتعلم منك وتستفيد

  • UIOV says:

    قلبك طيب حيل ❤️ الله يسعدك يارؤوم.

  • 19ixxcc says:

    بلعكس الفديوهات بالنقليزي احلى اللغه والترجمه الي تسوينها تخلي الناس يستفيدون من المحتوى النباتي واللغه بعد شيء كويس مره انك تتكلمين انقليزي بهالمحتوى والترجمه بعد تفيد مره تعلمت كلام كثير بالانقليزي وعرفت ترجمته من قناتك اسمتري بالفديوهات باللغه الانقليزيه ونوعي ما بين اللغه الانقليزيه والعربيه ❤️❤️

  • miho satou says:

    تتكلمين "ياباني" في هذا الفيديو ولكن الترجمة الإنجليزية "Korean"…??

  • Sarah Abualhasan says:

    غلط تتكلمي عننا كذا هذا رايك انتِ لما تتكلمي عن بلدنا، لاتقولي احنا قولي بالنسبه لي او هذا رايي لأننا مو شعب منغلق على نفسه، وكونك يوتيوبر وتوصلي فكرة للعالم وتقولي انك تبغي تعرفي الشعوب على ثقافتنا غلط تقولي عننا منغلقين على نفسنا ومانقدر نلومهم الا نقدر، زي ما احنا نتعرف على ثقافتهم يقدرو يتعرفو وفيه غيرك الف انسان يقدر يطلع بلدنا بصوره حلوه، وكلامك جداً غلط واما اتفق معاك واتفهم وجة نظرك بس غلط تقولي هذا الكلام لأنك كذا وصلتي لناس انه احنا ناس منغلقين على نفسنا والعكس تماما احنا شعب منفتح ونتقبل ثقافات وننشر ثقافتنا بااحسن صوره على عكس الي قلتيه واتمنى منك تعدلي الصوره الي قلتيها واتمنى منك بما أنك يوتيوبر تتنتبهي الف مره للكلمة الي بتقوليها خصوصاً عن مجتمعنا.

  • Me for real FunkSparklingeyeyes says:

    You are everything

  • المسافر KK says:

    لغتك العربية مافيها عيب ولا خطأ ماشاء الله

  • calbalu51 says:

    You are such an inspiration to ALL nationalities. I had to read the subtitles as I don't speak any other language besides English. I am 68 years old and am taking your advice that it's never too late to learn a new language so, I'll brush up on my high school French. Cheers

  • ريناد م says:

    انا عبالي هنديه??

  • عصام حجو says:

    مبدعه الله يحفظك … انا من اشد المعجبين … الله يوفقك

  • Miss T says:


  • Miss T says:

    جميل جدا

  • Miss T says:

    لا خليها قناة وحدة بس

  • ابهار الغامدي says:

    كملي بالانقلش مسوي جو بفيدواتك

  • Ibrahim Musthafa says:

    Most beautifully sounding language in the whole world.

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