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كوري يشرب القهوة العربية؟؟ | (ENG SUB)React to Arabic Coffee and Tea

Done? Am I inside the frame? Hi~ I’m Kim PD I’m Rafiq Kim PD is starring after a long time No it’s not that long I was in the camel riding contents – How have you been doing?
– Me? I’m busy thesedays Don’t say a bulls*** Today We’ll drink Arabic coffee and Moroccan tea and see which one is better These are Arabic coffees that I got as a gift Do you remember Ali Baba?
He bought it in Morocco and brought it – Is this famous?
– Sultan tea? I heard it’s famous but actually I don’t know well I thought it was from Oman because its name is Sultan Smell it Mmmm – What’s this smell?
– Arabic coffee why do you ask something so obvious? One spoon Two spoon – Let me see
– I think I should put more – Is it enough?
– Maybe? two spoons right? I think it’s a lot already – I don’t know
– Maybe a spoon more – What if it’s too strong?
– Then we can put some water I learned how to make Arabic coffee – I am a master
– For example I heard this is an Arabic coffee But people would know that usually people in gulf area drink this – Like Saudi Arabia, UAE
– Only gulf countries? no I mean it’s gulf style Arabic coffee and if you go to Egypt or Northern Africa There will be coffees of different styles So this is the cup, we got this also as a gift Looks similar to soju glass This? I drank this at a cafe in Arab – The taste was always different
– Really? – Yeah it was different
– You know that taste, what’s that called.. he.. So you mix something you know heil? – You put heil
– Ah cardamom! Cardamum? Cadmium? If we eat Cadmium we die So the coffee is done I’ll serve you in Arab style This is the Arab style It looks really strong I think it’s too strong Yes it is really strong – It’s too much
– It looks like a poison – We might die after drinking this
It looks so dangerous – I also brought some snacks dates – You do cheers?
– No hahah How is it? Is it ok? good? – It’s not strong
– it isn’t? – Is it light?
– only the color looks thick It’s not bad I gave some dates to my friends for a gift – They said it’s delicious
– oh really? But my parents like it more (Done?) and then, if you want to drink more – You do this
– Yes you should drink more – what? really?
– yes you should – Just a little more
– I’ll eat one more date Everyone please subscribe Hara’s channel
who gave this dates Please like subscribe and hit the bell notification and ours too Of course they did for us How is it? the taste The aftertaste is very subtle when you drink Americano
it’s quite bitter Of course there’s bitter taste, sour taste
and you can adjust but there’s that aftertaste But this one, you can feel the aftertaste after quite a long time For me, you know that mood? If you eat snacks it reminds you of your childhood This also reminds me of myself in Arab countries How much would you rate from 1 to 10? Oh.. 7 points, it’s like… It doesn’t feel like coffee? no, I don’t feel like it’s a coffee then I’ll give an 8 – why?
– just… isn’t it very delicate? No?? hahaha – that is extremely subjective I’m not kidding, if there’s this one on the menu
in Starbucks – I’d order this
– No I won’t – I’ll order dolce latte
– Ok, fine Ok let’s.. Thank you, Ali baba Ali baba bought this in Morocco I think it’s gonna be similar to Chinese tea You boil it inside? Put it inside is this enough? – more?
– more? i think so, put some more – Let’s boil it
– smell it How is it? – Does it smell something?
– a bit of a tea smell – To talk about Morocco a little bit
– Ibn Batuta’s country – Oh you remember
– Of course – But I’m gonna cut this from the video
– I don’t know the exact number but I feel like there’s Moroccans consists largest Arab population in Korea inside Korea, and outside Korea
if you see an Arab person, mostly they’re Moroccans It’s just my feeling The tea is done but you don’t drink it right away There’s a way to pour it in the cup
you need to make foam – You’re putting it in again?
– Yes you need to do this several times – Yes I saw this
– Where? From Tagine contents I heard the foam is good for your health,
but I don’t know the reason – why do we do this?
– no no let’s not This is different from normal green tea smell – different?
– yes This isn’t a green tea smell – it isn’t?
– no now I taste the green tea, but we should have put more of tea – oh really?
– yes it’s too light ok then because I’m the Chinese tea expert
I’m gonna try it now – It is light
– right? I told you gulf coffee and Moroccan tea They seem like competing
they don’t understand each other’s dialect sometimes even thought they’re using same Arabic
they don’t understand each other Gulf coffee vs Moroccan tea I’m picking the Arabic coffee
(He’s so fast) Haha ok But it was 7 out of 10 for Arabic coffee and this one is 5 out of 10 for Moroccan tea – oh really?
– why? because it’s almost same with Korean tea Anyways we have our green tea in Korea too It’s not that different So I chose Arabic coffee, which is more exotic and unique I mean this was a bit unfair game I made the tea with no effort This one is a penny paper cup But for Arabic coffee we made some effort We brought these glass cups Glass cup vs Paper cup and the mood also I think Arabic coffee is better for today’s mood but this green tea has more clean taste – It’s too late already For me, I was loved dates I think I should prepare well next time Anyone would have picked Arabic coffee this time It’s just so well prepared Arabic coffee, dates
by the way this is an expensive one But this green tea… we use this paper cup It can’t be compared Anyways taste wise, coffee was better Done We tried Arabic coffee and Moroccan tea Next time, if you want to compare things or you want the rivalry scene Please let us know in the comments below For example.. Syrian sword vs Japanese sword We’ll try to fight with those two swords Anyways, the end
bye bye~

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