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قصة قبل ما نام – Three little pigs story in Arabic – قصص وقت النوم للاطفال: الخنازير الثلاثة والذئب

قصة قبل ما نام – Three little pigs story in Arabic – قصص وقت النوم للاطفال: الخنازير الثلاثة والذئب

Once upon a time, three little pig living happily with their mother. A couple of years passed; and one day Their mother told them they’re old enough now to live on their own. Excited, the three little pigs went on to gather primary materials to build their houses with. The first pig thought of building a house with grass because it’s light to carry and is done quickly. The second pig thought of using wood for his house because there’s plenty of it in the forest, and it’s done quickly too. But the third pig decided to use bricks for a strong base. His siblings laughed at him, and told him it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to build! But he insisted and kept working to finish his house. One day, a big wolf showed up in front of the grass house and said: “You little pig! Let me in!” The pig was so scared because he knew the wolf wanted to eat him! So he refused to let him in! The wolf starts huffing and puffing until he blew the house down! The pig runs to his sibling’s wooden house and the wolf goes after him too! And starts yelling to let him in, But the pigs also refused! The wolf blew the wooden house away to the ground! The two pigs run to hide in their third sibling’s house made of bricks. The wolf arrives right behind them, insisting on getting in! The pigs who lost their houses were terrified but their third brother reassures them that his brick house is strong enough! The wolf huffed and puffed but couldn’t destroy the house! The brothers were shocked but oh so happy at the same time! The wolf considered coming in from the chimney but as soon as he came down, he burnt his tale with the hot soup that the pig was cooking! When that happened, the wolf ran away and left the pigs alone to live safely and peacefully. That’s how the pigs who lost their houses learnt that in order to preserve their homes, they need to take their time and use strong materials To avoid this incident from happening again! Did you enjoy the video? Like and share it with your friends! Subscribe, and don’t forget the notification bell! Search for Lila TV on YouTube!

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