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قدمنا الطعام العربي لليوتيوبر الكورية | React to Arabic Food

قدمنا الطعام العربي لليوتيوبر الكورية | React to Arabic Food

– Hello I’m Kim PD
– I’m Rafiq Today we’re gonna trying Arabic foods and we have a special guest – who is it?
– she’s famous in Korea There’s a very famous travel youtuber in Korea we invited her to introduce some Arabic foods – You haven’t tried Arabic food before?
– No never Hello So weird Hello I’m leeryuzzang I’m travel creator Leeryuzzang thank you for inviting me there are a lot of people who wants to visit places in Korea oh yes I also have a lot of videos of Korea
hope you enjoy them – You’re a travel creator, have you been to Middle East?
– Milddle East, um… not yet but I really want to, let’s try some foods first – it means if the foods aren’t good you won’t go?
– um… yes – what do you think first when you think about Arabic foods?
– spices right It smells different yeah as soon as I walk into the restaurant
I recognized the smell Could you recommend me an Arab country that would be safe for woman to travel alone? First, Dubai comes to my mind and it’s very clean and has a lot of things to enjoy – all you need is money
– yes, if you have money, Dubai is the best and recently Saudi Arabia started issuing tourist visa a lot of youtubers visit there Falafel Falafel? – Falafe?
-Falafel Loos like croquette – Should I dip it into the sauce?
– Yes Thank you Is this the tastiest? said ‘no’ one more time how’s the taste? not sweet at all very nutty, feels like croquette It’s not like ‘oh I want to eat again’ pretty plain I’d say but very nutty next food – Is this hummos?
– can I eat that? yes wow very big like a pizza I hope it tastes good smell Yes this is good this one What’s this taste?
I’ve never tasted like this before – It’s like a bean paste in Korea
– Yes that’s grinded chick pea a bean paste more creamier so it tastes good with bread, it’s good can I eat more? delicious! If you really like it, say ‘very’ at the end very delicus very delicious – This is Mandi
– Mandi? Mandi rice That’s shared spoon This tastes like Indian food This is way better than Chinese fried rice chicken – Isn’t it quite common taste?
– yes This tomato sauce is quite sour It’s good, I’ll try one more time rice is good – you were hungry
– yeah This is called Mansaf – Mansaf?
– Yes Mansaf the white sauce is yogurt oh – should I put more?
– yeah a bit more Originally you pour all of them on the rice Ha.. ok Yogurt sauce with rice and meat is a new combination for me – Is this really yogurt?
– yes Arab people eat this a lot – what’s the name again?
– Mansaf how is it? why do people eat this? – really? like this?
– how is it? tell us honestly honestly… the meat itself is very nice i think all of these would taste very nice if we eat separately but altogether? I don’t know.. I’ll try one more time, the sauce was really shocking for me I can’t.. really? is that really weird? – This is Shakshuka
– what’s the name again? – Shakshuka
– Shakshuka – It’s Egg in Hell in English
– This looks good Tomato and Eggs – This is delicious
– really? You should have gave me earlier why do you the tastiest food at last? It’s like tomato spagetti sauce with eggs with fried eggs like a pancake, it’s good Let’s try with the bread yeah it’s good Korean people would eat this – Doesn’t it taste like a European food?
– yes But sometimes European foods aren’t delicious but this one is really good, with a bit of black pepper very good, what’s thank you for the good food in Arabic? How was your first Arabic food experience? It was way better than I expected I thought it’d be too exotic for me
but it’s good than my expectation but there are a lot of spices in the foods so I need time to adjust – what was the best food? What was the name of this?
Shakshuka was the best the worst? was the one with the yogurt sauce that yogurt sauce wouldn’t be good with the salad either thank you it’d be good What’s this.. What’s this weird taste? I feel weird about this yogurt sauce one more time wow you’re brave I feel like a electricity on my back from my neck til the back Let’s eat I can’t

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