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غطاء أغنية “سبيشلس” بالعربية – صوتي

غطاء أغنية “سبيشلس” بالعربية – صوتي

Immersed in a current wave Storms blur my sight My feet dive into the sand of my Ink My voice is throaty! My vocal chords! My heart! Will not cry on my handcuffs Try to threaten me By imprisoning me and wasting me Defying my silence If you obey, die! Live, if you resist I will not compromise in my freedom With Flies (Bots) Accuse me of a coup Will not by pass people of intelligence This is my voice, protect me, O my Lord Conquering my people
A sign of bankruptcy Storming me, breaks my power Not like bells
Be like diamonds My story holds my breath And now the prisoner won’t break me Between the walls My heart is dismissing, having fun, it is my decision This is my jihad (Strugle) My faith is my power supply I will regain my country My words glitter stubborn My voice my words It will burn the tipsters The Truth, one day, is coming Falseness does not rise above my voice Try sawing me, (cutting me) or imprisoning me My wings are my country’s redeemer I will fly in history
Singing my Quranic tune That is my branches’s voice I’m the inevitable Your walls will not protect you from my lightning strike I will not compromise in my freedom My voice I’m here A nymph hoping for excellence My voice are best of role models In spite of the silent cad My voice will break my shackles My voice

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