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رد فعل على التعليقات العربية في قناتي | Arabic Comments

رد فعل على التعليقات العربية في قناتي | Arabic Comments

Hi I’m Rafiq, how are you? Today I’m gonna read the comments you left on the videos of my channel What did you say to me? I’m gonna read now Let’s go Comments of the video ‘my Omany friend’ writtenf from Harucka Chan Rafiq why are you nervous and shy? I’m joking
Your follower from Oman I still feel shy in front of the camera and the guest, yes great next Wow, she is at the top level of politeness, moral, and respect yes, she’s a great girl top level of politeness, haha yes Iraqian Dolma video Those who love Dolma, hit the like button And there are other comments Haram they are not original Dolma I read a lot of comments like this Yes true Isn’t this Mahshi or grape leaf roll? hahahaha yes Iraqi people say ‘ie’ instead of ‘nam’ (yes) Fine, then which one is the original? Next one is written by MOMO ART Yes, Dolma is Iraqi food Thank you She said that Dolma is an Iraqi fod Next comment is written by Sife Mans Not all people know Dolma so the taste is different depending on the person It’s hard to decide the origin of the food Everyone’s saying “This is real Dolma”, “This is Iraqi Dolma”, “This is not a real Dolma” He’s the professor of Dolma department Good, done The next video,
Korea Tourism for Arab written by Sabrine Hi Rafiq, I’m Sabrine from Tunisia I want to know the information for Arab people that Arabs not only don’t eat pork but also we have our own way to slaughter animals, like chicken, cow or sheep, in Islamic way If the slaughter was not in a right way, this can also be considered as Haram I want you to tell me about this information,
hope you read my comment best of luck! and the comments below oh my, I was about to write about this kind of comment!
Thank you so much for writing this Yes we have restaurants that got Halal certificate That uses Halal meat great, next You are handsome with your glasses Thank you, who is this person? Nawar Ibrahim, thank you very much next comment is written from Mr Mr 1مر مر I can’t go to Korea and I have no one to help me to go there If you visit Korea I’ll help you, I’m a tour guide Come you guys have to visit Korea Next video is the interview with my Egyptian friend the comment is written from Marbina Magdy Egyptians put your hands up so that I can know where you are put my hands up, right? and who’s the Alexandrian? yes and there’s someone like this next wrttien from Janathan Cosmo She’s right, there’s no fixed time for eating In Korea there is! there’s time for breakfast, lunch and dinner Netx is the video about Arab countries written from LORANS Don’t say Iraq and Syria, the two are one country and the country name is Sur..qin… Surqin? Next time please call this way Surqin right? Next one is written in English I’m your subscriber from Yemen, you are the best Youtuber! Oh my, really? thank you but I’m not the best youtuber but thank you so much, I like this kind of comments next comment, written from Lisa San Saudi Arabia isn’t dangerous Anyway the point is, you’re creative and cute thank you I like this I know that Saudi Arabia and Algeria, Egypt are not dangerous countries Korean foreign ministry did a categorization of countrys’ danger level But I don’t agree with those levels It’s just a data from Korean foreign ministry Next video is Arabic food challenge video written from Sara Suzy It’s ok there are different taste preferences We also don’t eat Korean foods because it feels strange to us because we love foods with spices yes you’re right there are differences between culture and food Comment below says
yes you’re right, Korean foods aren’t palatable for Arabs yes, maybe Korean food aren’t palatable for Arab… great Yes most of their foods are raw from the beginning? Yes, some of Korean foods aren’t cooked, like fish ok there’s another comment Believe me I don’t like Korean foods and I was surprised Yes I understand, yes I understand because there are huge difference between Korean food and Arabic food Next one is English comment but I’m gonna translate it in Arabic Mansaf is a traditiona Jordanian food It’s really delicious You have try Mansaf in my house in Jordan and there’s another comment yes you’re right I’m scared hahah I’m really sorry but I can’t eat Mansaf No…no.. Next, Mohamed Salah video Comment from Arab love you Learn Korean channel Wow amazing I’m Korean! and I love Mohamed Salah very much
Inshallah wow A Korean wrote me a comment in my channel Thank you, there’ another comment Are you Korean? and the answer is
Yes and I’m also a Youtuber yes he’s Korean another comment says Mohamed Salah is the pride of Egypt this is a simple word a simple sentence and simple comment but a beautiful and excellent comment Son Heungmin is the pride of Korea Wow Rafiq, your Arabic is better than before! thank you Maryouma 40 You are my Arabic teacher(s) Next written by tola Almagnona Whoooo iiiiiiiis thiiiiiiiis cuuuuuutey your accent is sooooooo cuuuuuute! Thank you so much I’m a baby I like this kind of comment Thank you write comments like this, all of you I also love Son Heungmin and follow him Thank you for your words about Mohamed Salah and Egypt Welcome, I’m a fan of Mohamed Salah I often watch Liverpool game for Salah I enjoy his play yes Thank you for your love for Son Heungmin Remember Korean, Son Heungmin Next written from Bou Chra Talk about Riyad Mahrez please He’s also famous But I thought he’s from France but I know who he is from Algeria I think a lot of famous French players are from Aleria originally, right? ok we’re done today! Today I read comments from you Comment’s like ‘you’re cute’ ‘you’re handsome’
I like them a lot I’m joking please I hope you write comments about anything It can be requests or that I’m handsome and I’ll read the comments next time as well who’s gonna write that ‘Rafiq is handsome’ I’m joking Bye, see you next time!

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