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ردة فعل الكوريين على تيك توك العرب Korean react to Arabic TikTok

ردة فعل الكوريين على تيك توك العرب Korean react to Arabic TikTok

Hey guys! this is Steve & Jae 🙂 it’s been long and we are. back with new video! Today we brought Arab’s most beloved TikTok videos! We’ve never seen TikTok videos before but we are very interested to find out! Let’s get to it! TikTok! hmm what is this? What is this? hahaha What are they doing? I’m not sure if you listen carefully this is a voice recording over the original video I’ve never tried TikTok so I’m not sure what this is They are very good ! I’ve heard this before! what is this? wow this is so funny and they are very clever This is how you make Tik Tok videos? something is coming out of his hair Oh? I think I saw him just before. is it the same person? Yea I think it’s the same person This is again a dubbed video but they are so realistic so good at this I think she wants to look like a kid haha She is kneeling perhaps? I think she is in trouble she’s a cutie ohhhh! this is very clever, he’s very smart! he is using a hanger as a harp! I’m so impressed how can he come up with such an idea? I think this is the same music from the first video we watched earlier I think there is a song for this maybe it’s famous one across Arab? a baby is ironing the clothes, for mommy and daddy? it’s voice is very funny right? hahah what is this? haha they are singing as they sneeze achy~~~~eeee~eee this is funny haha what are they doing? how can he do something like that? he is shaking his entire body maybe it’s too cold outside? haha oh! we know this song right? this is a song by Saad Lamajarred! wow! how can he do such a thing? oh hahah I totally get this haha I understand him lol I am always embarrassed when something similar happened to me oh I thinks this is the same song oh? so the guys are cold and they are shaking oh look at this guy haha he is so talented she is in trouble I think this is a fight between the babies she’s mad haha this is entirely different wow he is so hip! look at his face he is true actor haha it should hurt but he is so professional haha I think this is an bed/mattress advertisement! they are so talented, the voices match perfectly watch the zipper! it would be funny if it breaks haha ohhhh so awesome! this is the same song again The End! So Jae, today we’ve watched Arab TikTok videos today how was it? it was my first time with TikTok videos but since there was no Arabic, it was bit easier for me to understand and enjoy me too it was lot easier to understand one thing I observed was that the creativity that these influencers have are incredible Zipper, harp playing by clothes hanger and the voice over was very natural and I can see how much time they’ve put into these videos we can try.. but… can you do it? what’s the problem? just shoot and it will be over then let’s do this, if this video hits 550K views! 500K??? are you serious? okay, then when this video hits 50K views, then we will try to make TikTok video! Don’t you think it’s too much 50K? you think so? then 30K? yes because our video will be trading haha! 30K is 30,000.. 300K then I mis calculated,,, hahaha okay when it hits 300K!then we will try tiktok! so we will try then! We’ve really enjoyed TikTok video! So today we’ve watched first TikTok video! If there are any other fun videos for us to watch please do share via commenting below or comment us on TikTok urls to watch 🙂 we’ll be back with new videos more frequently from now on! we promise! see you again Soon! bye!

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