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بورسعيد علي قديمه !!!The Old Portsaid

بورسعيد علي قديمه !!!The Old Portsaid

Good morning We came to Port Said That point there is the last point in Africa continent and this is the Mediterranean sea on the other side, the suez canal and Asia continent To go from Africa to Asia or from Port Said to Port Fouad, you need to take the ferryboat A Port Said resident, Ahmed Lotfy, he will show us around the city and Reda is with us from the last time We are going from Port Said to Port Fouad We are now at the ferryboat Ferry is a huge boat, it can take people and cars to pass them from Port Said to Port Fouad and its for free This is Suez canal organization building We are now at the suez canal and going from Africa to Asia Once the ferry moves, you will find the gull bird flying around you We are going to Mossad our friend, he plays a game with gull birds We can play it on our way back from Port Fouad look at it Mossad is an expert in Port Said and Port Fouad so he will give us a tour This statue is King Fouad’s statue Which the city is called by his name “Port Fouad” Port Fouad was established for the people who used to work at the organization at that time which is now Suez canal organization at that time it was a French company thats why most of the old buildings are inspired by the french style They were in charge of everything in this city the beginning of Port Fouad was the villas made of big stone its the oldest thing in the city during the 20s Afterwards they build these houses on our left with white bricks Tendas above the doors, the long windows.. this ones from stones and this were made from bricks it gives you a feeling that you are in different era usually people feed gull birds when they are on the ferry as we saw when we were going people give them bread and they eat it Mossad developed the game they throw the bread in the air, if they got it, they take 5 points if in then water, they take 1 point the place we are at now is called Port Said’s aisle
its one of the most popular places its an aisle on the suez canal and that part is the first place they started drilling in behind me, there’s a banner saying “first mall in Egypt is coming soon” The place is called Simon Arzt this was the first mall in Egypt its a very old building and now they are renovating it to reopen it These boats are for a job called “Mambotteya” Mambotteya are the sea traders Trading happens through boats, not only inside the country but also outside sometimes the boats that passes by suez canal need some things so the Mamotteyas deal with them, and vise versa if people have goods, the mambotteyas can benefit from it by importing goods from abroad we will now go to see the lighthouse
Mossad says its the first lighthouse made of concrete in the world but i want to show you a picture of Simon Arzt mall
so you can imagine how it looked like from the inside now it doesnt show its true size but this picture can show how big it is because Port Said was an important spot to the whole world Tell us more about it there were 12,000 people were working on tourism
whatever tourists needed they can find it inside it was established in 1923 it was the first mall in Egypt, now it says “coming soon” Port Said is one of the cities that gives you a feeling that you’re not in Egypt because its inspired by the European style since the canal time the guys are having a campaign on facebook called “the old port said” they are trying to raise awareness about things around us in port said but no one knows about it they are also trying to bring back the old Port Said we are also a group of many volunteer groups we make tours and go around the city I will leave a link to their Facebook page below
if someone comes to Port Said, you can contact them for tours and its more of volunteer activity, not for business purposes what we know that Italy wanted to take control over the world and take over many places its not someone’s house, its for the italian government right?
yes it even says italia and till now its like a consulate, its an Italian property its one of places in the world that dated Musselini’s history and it stills has his name on the second line as we said its one of the places that still dated Benito Musslini and the dark period of the world’s history this is the first concrete lighthouse in the world all previous lighthouses were made from wood I will post an old picture of every place if available so you can imagine how it looked like this is the first concrete lighthouse in the world the statue of liberty were to be put here..
yea many people told me about it then they put de lesseps statue instead, then they moved it to stores No Egyptians took it off in 1956 after the nationalization of the Suez Canal As you watched in the video, de lesseps statue was here Port Said is known as the gallant city I will tell you more about Port Said’s history then we will continue our tour will tell you the story from the end to the beginning what is the triple aggression? France, England and the Zionist enemy after the nationalization of suez canal because when it happened, it was taken from them and belonged to Egypt and they came to take control over Port Said and the canal the story has alot of details that its hard to go through it all now it lasted for 7 nights and stopped At the end, its our land and they were companies coming from abroad because its an attractive location for their projects and its a dream come true for them to have a location like this where they can easily move their goods Port Said that we see know, as it was divided half foreign half arab, was established when they decided to establish sues canal so they decided to live here once they started drilling in suez canal and Egyptians lived in the arab neighborhood as they used to work on suez canal it didn’t look the same, but it was developed and as you see the Arab neighborhood and the Foreign neighborhood as the Italian building that we passed by while ago As you walk around Port Said, you will find alot of different architecture from different cultures We will continue our tour and eat something on the way this villa was for the engineer who made the suez canal this is history that no one knows about this is the biggest church in Port Said and its Italian Im almost 71 years old and this is my house where I live is this building since the 40s?
No, its since before I was born Gothic architecture, its famous in European churches and religion places thats why its unique that its in a villa This is the Arab neighborhood and these are the streets its more like the egyptian streets than the european its all narrow connected streets This is were arabs and egyptians used to live, but now its more like a market you will find alot of old style buildings made of wood we are going to try a famous local food here called “Samneya” we eat it hot everyone told me I had to try Samneya its full of gee it has sugar syrup, tastes like َQatayef can i have more? Did you like Samneya? – did you like it?
– yes
– have more then Samneya is made of flour, sugar and water you mix it all together and put it in the oven unlike other things that are made of milk still people come to this market when they come to Port Said Once of the popular breakfasts here is cup of milk and a piece of cake this is the traditional breakfast there are only 2 places who serve this traditional breakfast this is the old fish market, which is the first in Port Said Will go check the new fish market then continue I guess this fish market looks the most like a mall it has alot of places that sells fish and places where you can eat fish lets take a look at eat
– lets eat! we are in the market, its very active as you can see its very clean here, usually you find other fish markets not as organized and the fish is everywhere on the street there is a place to clean the fish, a place to sell the fish and here you can eat it freshly cooked fish and its cheaper than many fish restaurants here in Port Said these clams are still alive, they put it in water so you can have it fresh we want 2 soups Viga soup is a mix of different seafood. Its intense to save time, we will have shrimp souq and go somewhere else this place behind me is famous with chocolate everyone told me that I should get chocolate from Alloush I tried to get in and take videos but its very busy that i couldn’t step in this area is called “Elbazar” this was this area’s market, the outside banner says ” Le Marche” Le Marche means market in French now its a very old place Everyone told me that I have to try Cassata from Salsabila so we will go there but will have lunch before the dessert Sebia, which is squid, squid eggs and shrimps we used to call it ice cream cake what we know is that its an italian dessert one Cassata is for 9 EGP the last thing we will visit, and couldn’t come to Port Said without checking it is Semsemya Semsemya is this instrument, they call it “Elnaddaha” which means it makes you pay attention when you listen to it each of these has its own history and it shows the name of the person who made it and here it shows you how festivals looked like around the old wooden architecture This is the Port Saidi tradition and I believe this is the best place to end this video if you liked this video please like and leave a comment tell me where you’d want to go in the next video and if its your first time on the channel, dont forget to subscribe see you in the next video bye! I hope you liked the video and that I could show you a bit about Port Said’s history Who knows me know that I’m from El Sharqeya but my dad lives 10 years when he was young in Port Said since my grandfather used to work there as an Arabic teacher and he had a collection of poem that was burnt during the triple aggression in 1956 and he wrote another collection, ofcourse not as the original one that was lost in 1956 as they lost their house during the triple aggression, so he wrote a pathos poem it talks about the lost poems and not the house and it was handwritten, i don’t think he had a chance to publish it for this video, I will put some of these pathos poems who talked about the lost poem I will read to you the introduction and my father Dr. Emad El Hady will read to you some of the verses the intro says: i am not sorry for my house that was destroyed during the suez war in 1956 but i’m sorry that I lost my collection of poems that I had been writing since i known about poem in my childhood you burnt my poems you unjust Thought extract, nerves and pens It didn’t hurt me losing the house or losing everything I once had it didn’t hurt me losing my books or losing the furniture even if my wife cared about it But, I cared about my real art ( poetry) that I spent all my life and my soul May God destroy you war criminal and your powers ,as you didn’t respect my poetry I cannot reach you, but if I can fly I would come cut you into little pieces

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