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انا قابلت مشتركي في الرياض (مع الهدايا)

انا قابلت مشتركي في الرياض (مع الهدايا)

Now, Before I meet my subscribers, I am taking this video in my room I’m nervous. Yes, I am shy boy… I posted where and time of meeting subscribers on only YouTube. Because.. I want to meet my subscribers There was a problem with me I’m grateful to those who got to know me because of this
problem But I came here for meeting my subscribers I didn’t talk about anything on Instagram and Snapchat. I am sorry This is my present! How many people will come.. I am so wonder.. I made this present with my mother. People liked my gift. So I was happy. There were some babies too. I am talking in poor English and poor Arabic. Actually, I used body language the most. the only man Ah.. I.. I am man too I did an interview. After this.. The camera fell off. Subscribers meeting video The end Thank you very much for the three people who lent me the
cafe. I’m back from meeting my subscribers! Thank you so.. Fly.. Thankfully, I got a lot of presents. First, this.. She wrote vowel, so I could read this She made this herself. I really appreciate it. This…Y…Yong Yong the first letter of Yong Rose, Chocolate! This is chocolate Thank you Thank you so much OUD, I smelled this. Okay, I will open this Open, This Is it an ashtray? This is not ashtray It is used to burn trees after putting them in. After go back korea, I will use this Thank you.. Thank you so much Next, red rose, letter But I will read alone Thank you Thank you so much And Next.. This.. This is a fragrant tree, isn’t it? I can’t read this.. He gave me five things to give my family members Thank you Thank you The last.. What is this…? Thank you Thank you so much And Thank you all for coming. Thank you for talking to me because I’m too shy to speak. And thank you all for watching the video! See you again if we have a chance next time! My subscriber sent a present to my hotel. Wow, What is this? What is this? Do you know what is this? This is… Chocolate This won’t melt, will it? If I eat all of this, my teeth will rot, right? But, I will eat all And.. In this.. What is this? Wow, Dictionary? What? Ah.. Quran Quran And Pictures.. Ah~ About Saudi trip And this.. wow.. This is so wonderful To put on the door And.. Riyadh kingdom center!! my favorite! next building is.. Dubai buz… Camel! Saudi cup! Camel cup! oh! cute! I got all these presents. I really appreciate.. Really… I’m going back to Korea with full two hands.

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