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اغنية راب دموع اليتيم عن ناروتو | راب عربي

I was born again when I saw it An innocent child walks at night and darkness is dark He walks lonely and light and the light is bright Lonely, not a friend, with the Lord of the Lord A courageous thing that does not frighten something like the cavalry There is no refuge from the ravages of the bitter cold A child covers his body with some cloth His dreams evaporated and their fate faded The day is cold and the night is full of darkness The child is stray and his mother has been torn Small in comparison to the age of his great mind Fain who protects him or the weariness raises his bed dirt has torn the rocks and all of the sight was not proud I asked him: Who is the light in life? As for Basma, suffering may go He answered me with a sigh and a tearful tear With a sad look, let him hear what he said Hear what he said Let me. Let me tell what I feel I tell and do not think that of you who cares I say and do not do wrong in my words Innocent but do not see it is not dark Lonely in his life and no shelter Neither mother nor father shall protect him Your hearts have broken apart and have become like stones Thou shalt make you thirsty Let me every night always delivered torment The darkness of the wild night and the wolf with fangs I looked at the sky. I could not find the blackness She left me alone in the night Even the dead shudder, the place is empty I asked the world why did not you help me? I did not hear my words when my colleagues said, “I wish you to heal your wounds in my heart.” could not find you, my son Nur Derby, I drank the cup of despair and sorrow behind the curtain I asked God to come to come I wanted to smile but she was gone I want to continue but my strength is gone You see the eye and do not see the vision After life the death of our short days you left me alone And continue and continue your lives with a smile from Donia your life with a smile from Donny Do not see the maid you want to fly You did not see a face tomorrow And I will not blame you, perhaps this is my confusion If you do not see me alive, I will take my food The ink is a tear that flows from a drop I have lived a long life and I was not The righteous men said: The passersby are Nalu, and the mind is pregnant for what does not carry the mountains My eyes have dried out of tears And I forgot my Lord in my prostration or my knees His life today is a joke, a poisoned cord I always looked at the sky to see the stars, do not blame me, you cried louder when I cut off Whoever comes to me is merciful with respect But you did not do so that you would do haraam things Merciful mercy of our Lord comes Your children are safe from heaven And behold, I have constrained you, so that you may understand my words My letter is written with the tears of orphans

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