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Растяжка задней поверхности бедра. Азбука стретчинга

Растяжка задней поверхности бедра. Азбука стретчинга

Hi! You are watching video from series “Stretching Alphabet” In each video of this project I gonna show you one exercise that will help you to stretch an exact part of your body. I’ll warn you about possible mistakes and I’ll show you how to do it right. Pleasant viewing How to stretch back side of your hip. Polina is helping me today! We’ll start from the standing position. Simple but effective exercise. Stand in front of the any support like: Table, wardrobe, friend or barre… anything! Put your hands to the support Bend forward. Your corp has to be parallel to the floor Like this! What are we going to do next? Lets imagine we’ve got tail. Now we are to rise up our tail happily! Happily! O! Good, Polina! Very nice tail! I guess you are glad now))) Feel stretching here. Go back. Tighten your tail now. And now again tail is up! biceps stretches. Try to keep your knees straight. If you are unable to keep your knee straight. And it flexes. Let’s pretend Polina cann’t keep straight knees. Like this. Then, try to unbend one knee then another. Like you are walking. It’s one of the options. Fell your hamstrings here. Maybe you’ll also feel calf stretching. But now we focus on hip back side. Once more hold this position. Stay. Flex your feet. Only one now. Tail rise up happily! Very good! Here we’ll feel all the back side stretch: Calf and hamstrings, as well as biceps gonna stretch here. Cause our body is complicated mechanism. Everything connects with everything. And thats great! So here we can stretch the whole back line. Polina may rise up. So, this exercise is good for yours biceps hips. Back side of your hips. Now you know how to do it from standing pose. How to stretch your biceps hips. Second exercise We’ll lay down now on our back. Lets stretch left leg. Unbend right knee. Flex your knee to 90 degrees Lets move our knee now to the floor. Just under your hand. Flex your feet. Your knee joint is 90 degrees. Grab your feet. Inner and outer side of your feet. Its important to hold your pelvis straight. Coxal bones are to look up. Second leg is unrelaxed. It keeps tension. Knee is straight And you are trying as you can, to put your flexed knee under your arm. As much as it possible for you. Do not put it to aside. Just to your shoulder, and then under your arm. Now I gonna stretch you. Hands wide open please. Relax everything. It’s a passive stretching rule: You are to trust to your coach. Do you trust me? -Nee, Yes! -She said “No”! Ha-ha No, she trust!))) She definitely trusts me. Here we can push a little. Holding second leg. Polina is very well trained person. She holds her second leg very good. That’s it! You goy it? Move your knee here. Here you can add a little pushing spring You can do it by yourself or with your coach. Try to unbend your knee here a little. Unbend and back, again the same. You can do it holding your feet by yourself. Hold it! Unflex and then flex slowly. As far as you can. There are so many muscles in our body! It would be easier if we have less))) Easier to stretch I mean So, here we work on back side of our hip. biceps of your hip. When you work on an exact muscle and suddenly something else began to stretch, do not thing that you do it wrong. It goes very very good indeed. Everything connects in our body between each other. Thats why it stretches in complex. OK! Finish So, there were just two exercises to stretch your biceps hips. Of course there are a lot more of them. But first try these. And comment please this video describing your feelings when you do these exercises. And I’m going to shoot new videos for you with pleasure. -What do you think about these exercises? – Inspite of my good flexibility, I really felt nice stretch! Really good! I think you’ll also feel it. -Super! You see how it works! Do not forget to Like Like Like this video. And subscribe!

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