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Χαρτιά για Καλλιγραφία -Tips – Papers for Calligraphy -Tips (engl. subs)

Χαρτιά για Καλλιγραφία -Tips – Papers for Calligraphy -Tips (engl. subs)

Hallo, I am Lena Septemvri Welcome to my channel Today we will talk for the third tool or material we need in calligraphy Which are the papers Here I am again Don’t forget to subscribe at my channel, to be informed about the new videos every week So, today, we will talk about the calligraphy papers We have talked about the calligraphy inks here is the card to click on it and watch the video Also, we have talked also about the nibs we use in calligraphy here again the card about the nibs to click for the video So, the third basic we use in calligraphy In total we use these three tools and materials inks, pens, papers In my job I have two categories for the papers I use In the first category there are the simple papers that are for tests and daily practise. And in the other category, there are the official papers that we use them for calligraphy projects for diplomas and anything official we want to create and give it to a customer I have decide that I want two categories of papers that doesn’t mean you cannot make practice in a very good paper (official) but it is not very economic As you can imagine, it is very expensive to buy vellum and do your practises on tons of vellum paper, everyday At the other side, of course, you cannot make an official project on cheap papers That’s why I use these two categories of papers Let’s talk about the papers we use for practise You will need many papers One tip-advice I wouls suggest you is to choose big papers for your practises at least A3 size This is important because when you will draw the lines on the paper, to write calligraphy, it is very tired to draw lines in a small paper, e.g A4 paper and make lines all the time, again and again Of course you can draw lines and then photocopy the paper to many others but again you pay extra money for the photocopies So, it is better to draw the lines on your own and have big papers at least A3 size The second tip-advice is the weight of the paper I recomend you to buy papers not less than 80-90grms and more For the practise papers it is good the weight to be untill 100-110grms It is not necessary to buy heavier paper when you make practise Of course, the heavier the paper, the best for the pen and the ink but when you make practises it is not so important So, untill 100- 110 grms is a good weight I mention also, this weight because, as you know, if the paper is very heavy, then again is more expensive I have tried many many papers, so I will tell you what I use Do not buy photocopy paper (paper for printers) it is not a good paper for calligraphy the nib scratch the paper the ink spreads on the paper so, it is better not to use it In general, you have to find out which paper is the best for you, you must try papers You can go to bookshops and find papers and make tests. The paper I use for practise and for now is the plotter machine paper The plotter paper is the paper that the architects use I will show it now Is a a roll paper because it gets into the plotter machine has this circle You see it has much quantity and when you unroll it you can cut pieces of paper as long as you want Some people do not cut pieces of paper they just unroll it draw lines, write and again the same when they finished the practise they roll it again from the other side Plotter roll paper you can find at shops that sell papers for architects, papers for copies or computer shops It is very economy paper In Greece costs about 3-4 euro the roll I use this paper very much One other solution for practise paper is to go to a typography shop (the shops that make the inviatations) and see some samples of papers Find a paper you like about 100- 110 grms the paper must have smooth surface it is very important for the nib pen When you go to the typography shop order the paper you like and tell them to cut it at the dimensions you want You can cut the paper biger than A3 size you tell them the size you want The typography papers is a very good and economy solution Of course the easier solution is the plotter paper All these I said before were about the papers for practise Now, about the official papers, we use for projects You can find many good papers to buy Most of the times depends what the customer wants For example, maybe a customer will ask you to make a project on vellum One other customer maybe wants to write on a cotton paper one other may wants a project on a pearl paper So, many times it depends what the customer wants If the customer don’t care the kind of the paper or if you want to make something for you as you imagine it Then the first solution is to use a paper that you will find it easy and it is ready for this use and you can find it everywhere I use very much as a quick and easy solution the winsor and newton paper A paper easy to find and economy as a solution This paper is Winsor & Newton drawing and sketching paper Notice: it must writes smooth surface It is much better to buy papers with smooth surface heavy weight 220gsm If you want to make an official project it is very important to use a heavy paper 220gsm and maybe more But, it is better not to write on less than 220gsm This paper is A4 size but you can find it also in A3 size On the side writes Smooth Surface Cartridge Pad You can find this paper at many shops and everywhere that there are shops with painting materials See it inside It is ivory We use very much the ivory color in calligraphy We don”t use so much the pure white, it is hard as a color not even the dark colors so much In general, we use the ivory colors because we can create backgrounds we can paint and write after As you see it is not very thick paper but it is ideal to write on it Also, you can cut it very easy write it, finish it and then put it in a frame or whatever else you want See here the smooth surface Other papers you can find you can find them again at the typography shops again you can see samples and find papers with smooth surface of course the first times, when you choose papers you should buy some various samples of papers to see what is better for you to test them with your nib pens or with your nibs. Not all the papers are good for the nibs and the inks When you start calligraphy, you have to experiment all the time. I still buy new papers and test them, new nibs or new inks and test them, It doesn’t matter if I have some standard tools and materials I use. I never stop to buy new things and test them because you will find new things all the time. So, again about the papers, when you go to a typography shop tell them to cut for you various types of papers to test them Don’t forget to write the product code so, if you like one, to know which code it is So, this was the video about the papers In the future videos we will tald and make lessons about the hands Now, you know all the materials, and what you need and you can start the tests with the inks with the nibs you can find some hands from internet and make some practise untill we talk more about hands in the future Here I remind you not forget to subscribe at my channel Don’t forget to click the ring bell to be informed from youtube Because, as I said there are the standard videos twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday but also there are some extra videos more creativity videos Untill next time Byeeeeeee

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