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Χαλαρώστε Γράφοντας παιδιά & ενήλικες- Relax by Writing children & adults (engl. subs)

Χαλαρώστε Γράφοντας παιδιά & ενήλικες- Relax by Writing children & adults (engl. subs)

Hallo, I am Lena Today we will talk about how you can relax by writing, in calligraphy or simple writing Don’ t forget to subscribe at my channel Subscribe so, you can watch my videos that I upload every week There are two basic videos every Tuesday and Friday and some others more artistic and more others So, subscribe and click on the ring bell which is next to the subscribe button and you youtube will inform you about the new videos So, we will talk how relax feels someone when he/she writes with pens, pencils, markers and more other tools It is very important to write because writing, really helps you to relax I used to write as a relax method since I was very very young Whatever I did, I had next to me a note book and whatever I was thinking or I was listening, I wrote it at my note book maybe this was my first step for calligraphy but, anyway, writing was very relaxing for me. Except relaxing, this was a method for me to remember things after writing them down For example, at school, writing was a method for me to learn my lesson It was, let’s say, a method 2in1, making practise for my handwriting and learn my lessons In general, you have to know that writing is very relaxing Writing is very important to help someone relax, and this is not only for adults it is also very important for children Special for kids that are in primary school It is good for them to have a notebook next to them all the time so they can write any time they want because writing make them relax The notebook is much better for the kids than a tablet or a smart phone It is not good for the kids at such young age to use tablets or phones It is much better for the kids, the pens, the pencils, the markers, the papers.. and relax with these tools Resources from psycologists say that kids learn much easier and better with writing and also kids relaxing So, what we will need for the writing The only two important things you need are pencil and paper Of course, if you want to feel pleasure and happiness with writing it is good to buy some pens, pencils… markers of fountain pens, any tool you feel happy with it… it is not necessary to be the same all the time you write. Also, buy some notebooks you like very much If sometimes, you are out of your home or office for example you are in a bus, in train, in the airplane Or in a place t you are waiting for a friend In a restaurant or in a cafe and you want to have a notebook with you and write choose one notebook in small size so, you can have it with you all the time in your bag When you will be at your office or at your home you can have a notebook, any size you like Let me show you now what I have now Of course I have many, and I had also many when I was kid very pitty, I don’t have them now….. my mother could never imagine that I would love to have all my notebooks now… Anyway, I will show you what I use now This one is the molleskine notebook Molleskine is a company that has diaries and notebooks This is small size, so I can have it with me It has thick paper and I can use it with fountain pens, as well Outside you see, I have decorated with calligraphy letters and I have paint it It is a good idea for you to make it also Inside it has ivory blank pages and as you see, I play sometimes, with writing or painting and still playing and relaxing… I have it next to me and relax by writing or painting The other one notebook which has lines and it is better to write texts, sentences etc This one is again from molleskine company I have decorated outside with paper In the future I will made a video how to cover a notebook Now, see it inside, it has lines and I write what ever I want whatever I think etc Here you see some writing tools I use I have many writing tools next to me and I use them anytime I want to write something It’s not necessary to have so many tools, you can just have only one Here there is a fountain pen this red one is a fountain pen again this is a marker another one fountain pen here there are some brush markers of tombow company With all these I can write or draw whatever I think It is important to mention that when you write for relax, you don’t have to write something specific also, you don’t have to write with a special form of handwriting any time The point is that when you want to relax with writing you do whatever, WHATEVER you want that time You can paint a flower, or you can write just a word you can write this word small, or bigger you can make a sketch and write at the bottom side a word or a sentence you can use calligraphy and do your practice you can make practice for your handwriting if you have any books I want to say that there is no rules when you use writing to relax Do whatever you want besides, this is the reason you want to relax, When you relax you do not want to have rules You just do whatever you like So, just be free and enjoy the moment no matter what you write or what you draw Now, let’s do a small test I will start with writing I will not use now big markers, I will use pens but you can use whatever you want I will use this fountain pen and I am thinking to write small letters, just to make a kind of practice of the alphabet Now, I will write in two lines (but anyway no matter) as you see I just write without rules… (this is the greek alphabet) I write as I feel I will continue writing I go to another page I take one other fountain pen Here I will write capital leters I write the word calligraphy in greek I will write the word calligraphy in english also for my friend from abroad I don’t care if the pen doesn’t write very well then I play with the letters the pen doesn’t write very well but I don’t care because anyway there are no rules I will write now with another one pen I will write the name Jonathan in english make some big letters I just play and relax, nothing more something like doodling Next page to write a sentence I like writing (in greek) The same sentence in english oops mistake 🙂 Some more words I don’t care about the lines smaller letters It would be very nice while writing, to listen to the music While you are writing and relax you can set some goals or write some ideas you may have write your ideas somewhere You know, when you relax your brain is full of ideas so, don’t forget to write them, ideas always are important Now, at the other notebook I can write something…. I think……. the word calligraphy with marker (calligraphy in greeks) I will write now with brush marker Write and draw the word another marker to paint the letters you can do so many things when you relax and you will see how much this relax writing will helps you You don’t have time limits, you don’t have rules Here are the two words Now I can draw something simple and write something and paint it Finish now I would advice you to try this relax method you can do it anytime of the day in the morning with your coffee, or at your break or as I said before if you are in a train, airplane, everywhere Try to add in your life the writing Let away for a while the tablets the iphones all these that drive us crazy Write and relax, you will feel much, much, much better and don’t forget when you relax you will have plenty of ideas and thoughts Don’t through away all these notebooks you write keep them as a sοuvenir maybe you would like to show them to your kids in the future or in the future these notebooks could give you an idea to make a project, who knows maybe it would be a story, a sketch book, to write a book, whatever So, here the last information to remember to subscibe at my channel New videos every Tuesday and Friday and till the next time…. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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