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Υλικά για την Italic – Tools for Italic

Hallo, I am Lena, welcome to my channel We have some time to watch new videos…. I have moved my atelier New machines lights, microphones 🙂 here my new microphone, like mouse 😀 Hope my videos to be better now Today, I will tell you the tools and the materials we will use in italic hand, for the new workshop I will do You can use these tools, in every italic workshop you will go Almost everyone use them in every italic workshop or any similar hand, as uncial, fraktur all the black letters etc you will use the same tools So, today I will show you these tools You see all the tools and materials I will start now to show them one by one to see which they are and how to ask them First one, a simple ruller It is better, the ruller to be the length of the pad paper you will have with you For small pads, buy a small ruller For A3 pads, better buy a bigger one you can find a simple ruller everywhere You need also a simple pencil or mechanical pencil You need also a protractor We need it count the slope of the nib Also, you find it everywhere A rubber You need baby napkins to clean your hands Now, let’s go to the more difficult tools We need a paper pad A good solution is the Winsor & Newton Drawing & Sketching Paper I show it to you to see how the cover looks and find it easier Smooth Surface Catridge Pad Heavy Weight 220 gsm or 100 lbs weight You can buy A4 size or A3 size, whatever The surface of this pad is Smooth We need a smooth surface this surface is ideal for the nibs For the workshops it is better the A3 size because it is big enough, you have a big surface so you don’t have to make lines all the time You will make enough lines and you will write for long time You will need an ink bottle any color you like Here you see the Pelikan 4001 The ink is ideal for calligraphy and also for this pad You can find this ink online or at pen shops But you can use also other inks as Winsor & Newton or others Now, about the nibs and handles You will need a handle You can buy this one which is Mitchells but you find any other simple handle You can find handles online or in craft shops The last you will need is the nib It is better to buy 2-3 nibs because you will also use these materials at home not only at the workshops Also, many times happens, the nibs to be alreardy ruined from the factory So, if you buy only one and happened not to be ok then you will not have any one to write I use the Brause nibs they are square nibs for italic It is better, if you are a beginner to start with No 2, 3 or 4 size Watch here the nibs, they are big enough ideal to see the strokes when you write These are all the tools you will need if you go for first time at an italic workshop The important is that if you have all these tools and materials you can do practice at home Some people ask me if they can have common materials when they come to a workshop I told them that they can have common the ink and the rubber maybe because you will use all the time the other materials It is difficult to have common the handle and the nib because you have to wait each other Maybe you can have also common papers but the most important is when you go home to have all these tools and make your practice I think I haven’t forget anything If you have any question please write your question at the comments below So, the video today was for the tools and materials If you buy these tools, you will use them for any workshop you will go for italic etc hands I have mentioned before Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel I will have many videos from now and on Also, comment if you would like to suggest anything Till next time… Byeeeeeeeeeeeee

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